Episode 6: The first of two comic episodes which have little to do with the rest of this anime. The only story development is a report by Goldo, in which he tells Nyako of an intercepted communication from Yurugaha. The target that Yurugaha is after is identified as the kamigari. Nyako then explains that if the target (Yohrun), really is the kamigari, he posseses a tremendous energy which can be harnessed as a weapon.

Most of the episode involves fishing. Oyaji and Yohrun have cast their lines into the ocean to catch dinner, but they are so hungry they have become stupid. Erishisu does her Ruriruri impression (this was broadcast about a year after Nadesico). Goldo and Vilog have trouble surfacing in their water buffalo submarine. There are jokes about Yohrun being related to a frog.

Goldo becomes indignant when the ningyo of Yurugaha are confused with the far more advanced robots produced in Chanaccare. Yurugaha fires a huge energy sphere from an ornate cannon. We get to see Vilogs remote senseing capabilities.

  posted Sept. 30, 2002