Episode 1: Before the opening credits, we see Yohrun working in the fields as Yurugaha aproaches. In the background we hear the first part of the myth of the kamigari as told by his mother.

Princess Sakimi escapes from the floating island of Yurugaha with the help of Oyaji. After a chase scene, we see Oyaji holding the princess. Appearently, they jumped out of their anti-grav pod just before the left repulsor exploded. She asks him, "I'm not too heavy, am I?"

In a remote-sensing facility on Yurugaha, Agumaika receives a report on the abduction of the princess. He asks about the identity of the perpetrator but there is no information. Fennis tells him that the emanation of light detected three days earlier could not have been from Yanues. The wave form was not that of an artificial source. Sakura extrapolates the location of the light as in the Kohkassa area. Upon hearing this, Agumaika reacts as if he knows something about that area.

There has been some confusion about how this anime can seem to be a sword & sorcery story in one scene and science fiction in the next, and be all catgirls and robots in the next scene. Some episodes will have at least a dozen scene changes with locations as disparate as downtown Paris and rural Africa. Sometimes there will be an establishing shot of Yanues or Yurugaha floating over the landscape to give you a clue as to where the scene takes place. Remember, anywhere with rivits is on Yanues or one of its vassal cities. (The two catgirls live there.) If a location looks like europe, it's on Yurugaha.

At the farmers market in Kohkassa, Yohrun and his father buy a coelacanth. Yohrun catches a glimpse of an elfgirl accepting a complimentary lily from a florist. At dinner that night Yohrun scarfs huge chunks of the fish while his father has bread and wine. He asks if its true that on the floating islands they don't have to do farm work. The father asks Yohrun if he thinks doing fieldwork is so bad. They go on to discuss the work in store for them in the next week. After dinner, Yohrun works on the sword his father gave him, but is preoccupied with the elfgirl. He says to himself, "I wonder if she's from around here. Maybe I'll see her again next market day."

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While Yohrun picks corn, his father accepts some supplies and a letter from a passing wagon. The letter reads, "To Gasuchien, its been a long time so I'll skip the tedious formalites. The time has come to make good on that promise of 12 years ago. I'll be arriving shortly. It will be good to see you again."

In the next scene, we get our first look at Rubiedo (think of Virginia City NV. in the late 1800s). Oyaji is leaving princess Sakimi in a rooming house. The proprietor, appearently a co-conspirator, thinks he's crazy to leave her in Rubiedo which is controled by Yurugaha. As Oyaji rides off on his horse, we hear the princess reciting the next part of the myth of the kamigari. Her last words are, "..but there is more to this story."

Back in the corn field, Yohrun remembers his mother being interupted as she told him the story. He asks his father to tell him what his mother was like; did she have long hair? The answer is vaguely negative.

Elsewhere, a group of sheephearders watches as a floating island approaches them. The island is identified as Yanues. In the chamber of the central commitee, Goldo and Vilog are reporting on their investigation of the strange light that was detected in Kohkasa, and why their rival city, Yurugaha, is so interested in it. Since they have nothing to report, they begin with a detailed description of the weather. Nyako the catgirl decends into the chamber and eventualy orders them out to compleate their assignment. She asks Orutoron if there isn't someone else they can send.

The scene switches to Yurugaha, where Agumaika stands in the middle of a large hall, looking up at the council of six. They tell him of new orders from Rumizabia. He is to devote all of his efforts to pursuing the kamigari even if it means ignoring the dissapearence of the princess. Agumaika finds this troubling and one of the council members agrees with him. Since the princess has the power to see into the future, there could be problems if her abductors are from Yanues. On this point Agumaika disagrees. He dismisses Yanues as nothing but a nest of rumor mongering machines.

There is a quick shot of Vito and Heiara, then Fennis protesting to her father about dispatching the two to kill the boy in Kohkassa. She says that they haven't even confirmed that he is the kamigari. Heiara approaches the tool shed through the corn field. (note the elfgirls' white lily whilting in a pot)

As Yohruns father sacrifices himself in the climactic scene, the myth of the kamigari is again recited by the princess. We hear the part about the gods decending to earth again, this time not to torment mankind, but to observe them. Espeacialy to observe the one who can make the magic sword which can slay the gods.

Sakimi escapes from Yurugaha

  posted Thanksgiving, 2002