Episode 2:

After all of the introductions and backstory in ep. 1, we finally get to some action. It starts right where the last episode left off with Yohrun flat on his back, next to half of his broken sword. Heiara promises to finish him off quickly and with a minimum of suffering. When Erishisu comes to the rescue and starts repairing the sword, Heiara remarks that this is a kind of magic that she's never seen before.

During this battle, we see several scenes of the remote sensing facility on Yurugaha. Fennis and Sakura monitor the changing energy levels as Erishisu transforms first the sword, and then herself into Shieda. When the sword is transformed, their instruments display cunieform text which Sakura identifies as part of the kamigari myth.

Fennis, hears Heiara mention the sword, but their communication link is disrupted. Heiara seems to be too amased by what Erishisu does to describe it anyway. The procedure that Erishisu uses to transform the sword seems to leave her hand undamaged, which might lead one to question the logic of the kamigari storyline. (The manga portrays a much more gory procedure. Her hand bleeds for 4 pages until Enefea arrives to help.)

We are left to wonder about the outcome of the battle. As Shiida watches Yohrun advance upon her with his new sword, the scene abruptly switches to Yanues. The video report that Vilog makes is mostly a series of complaints about his faulty gyrocompass and the shoddy repairs that it recieved in Chanacarre. Orutoron interupts him to say "In other words, you are saying that you're lost." After that they are sent on their way.


In Rubiedo, princess Sakimi sits in her room looking out at the city. The saloon keeper brings her some food and tries to reassure her that it is unlikely Yurugaha will find her. He says that Oyaji is on his way with Yohrun. On the way out, he asks if she has had any interesting dreams. She says that recently she has had no dreams.

As Yohrun cries at his fathers grave, Oyaji appears and admires the newly transformed sword. Yohrun assumes that this is one of the murderers, but Oyaji asks him if the sword is Gasuchiens or if it is his. Yohrun says no, but Oyaji shows him the backwards E on the hilt. Now Yohrun can't understand how the sword his father gave him could have become such a fine weapon. He asks Oyaji if he knew his father.

Up on Yurugaha, Fennis and Sakura are at home doing research. The desktop theme on the computer gives us a hint at how alien this culture really is. They find a document discribing the strange light produced when the sword of the kamigari first appeared and was held aloft. Fennis asks if contact with Heiara has been restored. She says that the problem now is what did Heiara see. (There is no mention of what Vito might have seen. In the manga version of this story, Vito had to sacrifice his eyes and vocal cords to build Heiara. He compensates for this with enhanced telepathy.)

In Yurugahas capitol building, Agumaika confronts the council of six. He asks them if he should give priority to eliminating a kamigari that most people doubt the existance of, or to the recovery of princes Sakimi. He is told that its only a matter of time before Yanues gets its hands on the princess, and that he should carry out the will of Rumizabia. (There seems to be some ambiguity here.)

In the final scene, Yohrun is still at the grave of his father. Oyaji tells him that Gasuchien was a great swordsman, but he put away his sword to come to Kohkasa and raise Yohrun, even though he was not really his father. Yohrun refuses to belive this. He insists that his mother died soon after he was born. Oyaji tells him she is alive whether he belives it of not. He asks him, "Don't you remember anything?" Now Yohrun recalls a hazy image of his mother reciting the myth of the kamigari. Oyaji tells him he has a journey ahead of him and its time to leave, but Yohrun just whines and says he doesn't want to go. Oyaji points out that the farmhouse is gone, the crops are gone, there is nothing left for him in Kohkassa. He tells him to prepare himself, that his journey starts at sunrise.

Fennis and Sakura researching kamigari

  posted jan. 20, 2003