Episode 11:

There are no flashbacks in this one but, many short scenes that switch from Yurugaha to Rubiedo to the abandoned city.

The episode starts on Yurugaha where Rumizabia summons three council members. They are to go to Rubiedo and retrieve princess Sakimi. Also, they are to manipulate Spike into destroying the other kamigari. Finally, they are to capture and bring back Erishisu.

Down on the surface, Yohrun and Oyaji arrive in Rubiedo only to find that the city is strangely quiet, and the princess is missing from the saloon where she had been hiding. Shortly later, Fennis and Sakura arrive at the very same saloon, looking for refreshments. Fennis recognizes Yohrun from the memory retrieval in ep. 5. After a few minutes, the Yurugaha military decends from the sky and surrounds the building.

Spike arrives in the abandoned city from ep. 7. The three council members show him a vision of Yohrun coming at him with his sword. Up in Yurugaha, Agumaika sits in a limo with his co-conspirators. He tells them the time is ripe for their coup de etat since half of the council of six is on the surface. He plans to win over the population by revealing that the princess is missing from her tower, and then taking credit for her return. Back on the surface, Spike is told that in order to acheive his true power as kamigari, he must destroy the other kamigari, Yohrun.

Oyaji surmises that the princess used her power to see the future, and left to escape capture. Soldiers enter the saloon and when challenged by Oyaji, start shooting the place up. Oyaji is able to drive them out with just his sword?! Heiara, hiding in an alley outside, is able to communicate with Fennis (telepathicly?). Fennis orders her to take no action yet, since they have the kamigari right in front of them inside the saloon.

In order to give the princess more time to get away, Oyaji puts on a show from the second floor balcony. The soldiers are greatly moved by the torments the princess endures at his hands. Listening inside, Yohrun assures Fennis and Sakura that Oyaji really isn't that bad. Fennis asks him "Have you ever heard the word 'kamigari'?".

  posted june 10, 2002