Episode 10:

Fennis and Sakura crash on the way to Rubiedo. Sakura (a better navigator than Goldo) figures they are about 120 km. from the town. As she looks at the burning pod, Fennis thinks about the past.

FLASHBACK: As Fennis runs toward the burned out shell of Vitos garage, a radio voice describes how Heiara was killed by a runaway ningyo. Then, as Fennis walks down a long passageway on campus, the same voice makes a correction to the first report and describes Heiaras miraculous recovery. Heiara, walking slowly in the opposite direction, passes Fennis without a glance. --END OF FLASHBACK

The background radio announcements are a device to set the time of the different flashbacks, since they are not chronological.

Elsewhere, Vito is working on the nonfunctioning Heiara in an abandoned farmhouse. She is plugged into some kind of portable PSU. He pauses to look into her face.

FLASHBACK: We see a short scene of Vitos original ningyo lurching around as Heiara lies dead in the corner. Then, Vito stands alone by a casket. The look of insanity comes over him again. He says "If I caused the damage, I can fix it."

Vito is back at work on his android, which now resembles Heiara. It starts to twitch as he carefully places long crystals into an apparatus. The door is pushed open to reveal a squad of police.

Vito sits unmoving in a cell. Agumaika enters and says "If you really want to build your ningyo that bad, I can grant your wish." But there are restrictions placed on Vito. His android cannot have awareness of Heiaras past. It will not be allowed to interact with outsiders without Agumaikas permission.

We see Vito working in a new, better equiped lab. Then a scene of Fennis in a street car. She sees Heiara on the sidewalk. Fennis asks her father to tell her what is going on with Heiara and Vito. He tells her to forget about them, that Heiara is dead. Agumaika scolds Vito for letting Heiara out where Fennis could spot her.

In the library, Fennis does a search on Heiara but access to the data is restricted. She spots Vito outside the capitol building, follows him inside, and sees him leave with Heiara.

In her fathers office, Fennis demands to be told the truth. Agumaika relents and says that Heiara is indeed alive, the announcement was to be made the next month. Fennis runs to Vitos house in the rain. The flashback ends with scenes of Heiaras graduation ceremony, after her miraculous "recovery".

Interleaved with the flashbacks are scenes of Fennis and Sakura making their way to Rubiedo. At the ending, all the major charactors are shown converging on the city from different directions.

  posted June 2, 2002