Episode 13:

The episode starts in Yurugaha, where Agumaika is marched outside to see his co-conspirators killed by three of the council members. Down in Rubiedo, Princess Sakimi (Yohruns mother) is chased around town and eventually captured in an energy bubble. Heiara, Vito, and Oyaji are also captured. The military commander gets the news about Agumaikas failed coup. He informs Fennis and Sakura about the coup and that arrest warrants have been issued against them, but takes no action himself.

Spike walks into town and accuses Yohrun of consorting with the enemy (Erishisu). They face off in the middle of the street, just like the old west, but with swords instead of 6guns. At this point, Spike decides to recite the story of the scorpion and the frog! Yorun is reluctant to fight, but Spike attacks him. The old man who had been guarding the princess frees Oyaji and then dies from his injuries. Oyaji steps between the two kamigari, he tells Yohrun to go find his mom, but Yohrun is more concerned with Erishisu, who's being held up in the air by a councilor.

On Yanues, Goldo and Vilog are attempting to make a report on the giant video display, (so big that it has wheels and a driver!), but they become obsessed with the time of their gyrocompass repair. Nyako pushes them aside in frustration to report that she is going to Rubiedo. In her absence, she designates Konyako-Perrusia, her niece, as supreme ruler.

Back in Rubiedo, the large goloms (now inanimate), are being lifted back to Yurugaha. Enefea the white mountain lion finally arrives and frees Erishisu by launching energy bolts at the councilors. Everyone stands around and watches in amazement as Erishisu transforms into Shida. She is heard to address the cat as Oneesan (older sister). Shida then jumps up into the air and blasts Spike with yellow bolts of light. The three councilors announce that they have what the came for and rise up toward Yurugaha with the princes inside a pink bubble.

  posted May 23, 2002