Episode 14:

As the council members rise up toward Yurugaha with the princess, Oyaji grabs Yorun and jumps into an unguarded antigrav pod. The military pursues them, but Oyaji (who seems very familiar with Yurugaha) flies right into an access port on the bottom of the island and gets away.

Agumaika, in handcuffs, is lead into the Tower of the Princess (Sakimi no to). He declares that its an honor to be held in the same building as the princess. The council of six reports to Rumizabia about his capture and their plan to bring Spike and Yohrun together for the second time, so they will destroy each other.

Yorun and Oyaji emerge from a manhole into the deserted streets of downtown Yurugaha. Yorun, in full country bumpkin mode, is amazed by everything he sees. He's particularly taken with an image of his mom on a streetcar add. Oyaji tellsYohrun that his mother is from Yurugaha, and that he was born there.

When confronted by a soldier, Oyaji says he'd promised little Yohrun a new toy, and hasn't heard of the state of emergency. Just as the soldier tells them to move along, a report comes over the radio describing the two of them, and the chase is on.

After much running around, they manage to stop the truck that the princess is in. When they open the door, who's there but Agumaika! He seems to remember Oyaji from plot they both participated in some years ago.

Spike makes his entrance, much like he did in Rubiedo and the two kamigari face off again. This time Yorhrun is able to control the power of his sword, and there is a mighty clash of energy. So mighty that the island is fractured and a piece of it slides off toward the city below. Only Agumaika is able to save himself by grabing an outcrop as he falls. From this position, he watches Erishisu transform as the episode ends in a literal cliffhanger.

  written August 3, 2002 on a porch in Madison