Episode 16:

Many of the main characactors were falling toward the ground at the end of the last episode. Will they survive? We'll have to wait until next time to find out because this episode is about Spike. So far he has appeared only a few times and displayed symptoms of some kind of mental illness. In this episode he tells his story to Enefea.

Before the opening credits, we see the piece of Yurgaha being cleaved off again but, as he falls, Spike is enclosed in an energy bubble by three of the Yurugaha council members. After they lower him into the city below, he is told that there is still work for him to do; he must still destroy the other kamigari. Spike tells them that he's not taking orders and with one stroke of his sword, he shreds all three of them into small pieces.

That feat of destruction appearently drains him so compleately that in the next scene he is sitting motionless on the floor of an abandoned farm house, stareing at a broken porcelain cup. Enefea appears and Spike asks if she has come to finish him off. She tells him that in his present condition, he is no threat but that she must protect Erishisu, no matter who it is that threatens her. She wants to hear his story.

Spike starts at the begining, how his mother died when he was born and his father also died when he was still a boy. On his death bed, Spikes father tells him that he has a special ability, that he is a kamigari. Somehow he makes a living selling blades. One day at the market he happens to meet Denirumo, who he describes as fushgi no onna (a strange woman or in pidgin "funny kine wahine"). They end up living together out in the middle of nowhere.

--start of flash back--

From the doorway of their house Denirumo calls to Spike that his breakfast is ready. She tells him to be carefull because she'd seen a scorpion where he's working the day before. Spikes breakfast is exactly the same as the meal Yorun had in ep. 1. Denirumo comments that it has been a while since he has made a sword. She asks if he's planing to sell the one he's making now. He says that he's making for himself. She then asks if he plans to use it for hunting. This surprises Spike and she apologises for asking, which puzzels him him even more but Denirumo won't explain herself.

While Spike is testing the new sword outside, Denirumo walks up behind him and asks if the weapon is done. He explains some of the details that still have to be finished. Then he says its strange that he suddenly had the urge to make this sword. There must be a purpose behind that urge. Denirumo changes the subject by suggesting they go to have tea at their favorite spot.

That spot turns out to be the top of a cliff overlooking a gorge that empties onto a vast plain. Denirumo wonders whats beyond the plain and says she'd like to go see for herself someday. She asks Spike to go with her and he says he will, after he finishes the sword. This excites her so much she knocks her cup off the ledge. Trying to save her most valuable posession, she has to assume her winged form. Seeing this leaves Spike horrified.

--end of flashback--

Back in the present, Spike remarks bitterly, "She was a god, and I was a godhunter."



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