Episode 17: Outside of Rubiedo, Goldo and Vilog witness Yohruns fall from the floating city Yurugaha (this was the end of epp.14). They spring into action, joining their two mechas into a giant robot which captures Yohrun, Erishisu, and Oyaji. This one minute scene before the opening titles, is the only appearence of a giant robot in the whole series.

Some time later, Fennis arrives at the scene of the capture. A local peasent informs her about the "mechanical ningyo" and points in the direction of Chanaccare. She tells Vito and Heiara that Chanaccarre is their new destination.

In the Chanaccarre supervisors office, Nyako introduces herself to our heros. She thanks Oyaji for helping Goldo and Vilog to find their way back to the city, but refuses his request to be untied. She also decides to put off reprimanding Goldo and Vilog for their failure to report in when they couldn't recover the CPUchip.

Oyaji is taken to the balcony and dropped at the end of a bungie cord to entertain the people below. Goldo speculates about his new career in Yanues as a professional wrestler. He proposes a ring name- Cutie Oyaji.

Yohrun asks Nyako what she has in mind for them. She tells him that the tremendous energy inside of him will be utilized as a weapon. In other words he will become a human bomb. Yohrun ponders this for a second, then asks "Whats a bomb?". Nyako ponders back at him. Then points out the window, "There's one."

The bomb, released from a flying mecha, blows a hole in the office and Yohrun and Erishisu are grabbed by a mechanical claw. Oyaji is also snatched from the end of his bungie cord. We next see the three of them in Pareras workshop, thanking her for their rescue. She tells them they can stay there until things cool off. Then she'll show them a way out of the city. Yohrun wishes that he hadn't left his sword behind. This puts a strange idea into the elf girls head.

Outside of the supervisors office, Goldo addresses a crowd asking if anyone there knows of someone who owns a flying mecha. He is answered with dirisive laughter. Appearently most people in Chanaccare have such a machine. He asks if they know of anyone so depraved that they could commit the kidnapping which has just occured. The crowd becomes indignant that anyone should question their patriotism. Nyako pushes him aside and tells the crowd that one of the individuals just kidnapped was so important to the security of Yanues that anyone who lies about what they know will be endangering the nation. The crowd becomes even more unruly. In despiration, Nyako offers citisenship on Yanues to anyone who can capture the kidnapers.

In Perera's workshop there's a knock on the door, and Parera tells everyone to hide. It's Goldo and Vilog, searching every workshop in town that has a flying mecha. She invites them in. They find the mecha with two claws that did the kidnaping. She explains that this is the device, along with the jet hanging from the ceiling, that she used to retrieve the CPUchip. Goldo can see where it was damaged while decending through the forest. He asks her about being from Yurugaha, and graduating from the engineering school there. When she says nothing, he says he understands. Everyone has something in their past that they don't want to talk about. This annoys Oyaji.

Interupting the action on the ground are two scenes that take place on Yurugaha. First, Rumizabia is informed that the boy kamigari (Yohrun), survived the fight in epp. 14. and that the other three council members got careless and were killed by Spike. Rumizabia orders the three survivers to find Yohrun before Yanues does. In the second scene, he is told that Yohrun has been located in Chanacarre. He orders that Chanacarre be crushed.

In the middle of the night Yohrun wakes up to find Parera working. He asks her what she's doing. She answers that to explain it would take until morning. He sees a photograph of Parera and a young boy on the desk. The boy looks like a four year old Yohrun. He asks her why she's helping them. She says "So you think it's strange to help people when they're in trouble?". She goes on to reveal that she has come to dislike Yanues. She hates the idea of using machines to accomplish everything.

As Erishisu runs out to retrieve Yohruns' sword, Heiara and Vito arrive in the city.











  posted Oct.11, 2002