Episode 8: The episode starts on a rooftop in Yurugaha where Agumaika speaks with his daughter and Vito. Agumaika asks Vito if he followed orders and erased the memory of the android Heiara. Vito doesn't answer, (he doesn't speak at all in this episode). Agumaika then tells them to leave the city again in search of the kamigari, but this time not to eliminate him. They are to bring him back to Yurugaha. Fennis objects to this direct violation of Rumizabias orders.

On Yanues, Nyako the catgirl is delivering a televised speech denouncing Yurugaha for its unprovoked aggression against Goldo and Vilog in epp. 6. She mentions the existance of a boy who is the source of a great energy, and the development of an "ultra-super-weapon" which can utilize that energy for the defence of Yanues.

On the surface, Yohrun, Oyaji and Erishisu are walking along a dirt road. They come upon a preacher testifying to a small flock. The preacher tells them that the kamigari is real. That the sword which can slay the gods already exsists. Oyaji has to hurry the other two along.

The three take a rest in a field of tall grass. Yohrun asks Oyaji if he believes in the existance of the gods. Oyaji asks him, "If the gods exist, where are they?". He believes only in himself. Yohrun admires such simple mindedness. He asks Erishisu what she believes, but she hardly responds.

Goldo and Vilog appear, again in their comic mode. They announce that they've come for Yohrun. There is an argument about the pronunciation of "robot" and "rival". Small robo is punted high in the air.

Heiara, now on her mission to capture Yohrun, jumps from behind a rock and attacks Goldo. Oyaji uses this distraction to grab the two youngsters and escape. While being dragged away, Yohrun protests that, being a kamigari, he should be allowed to fight. Oyaji asks him "Do those guys back there look like gods to you?"

In the middle of action on the ground, three short scenes on Yurugaha are inserted. First, Fennis is informed by the miltary that all of her equipment and data are being impounded. Guards are posted at the door to her lab. Then, Agumaika tells Fennis to listen carefully to what he's going to tell her. In the last scene, we see Fennis and Sakura decending from Yurugaha. She reflects back on telling her father about the vibrations converging on Rubiedo, and then being sent to the surface for her own saftey.

The episode ends with the tearfull departure outside of Rubiedo. Yohrun tells Erishisu that since all the bad guys are after him, its safer for her to be somewhere else. Erishisu yodels.

  posted Sept. 20, 2002