Episode 9:

Erishisu, having been abandoned, sits on a rock and thinks about Yurgaha. FLASHBACK-- The baby Yohrun is with his mother in the princesses tower. We hear the voices of Erishisu and Enefea talking about how cute he is, but how one day this baby might be hunting them. --END OF FLASHBACK.

Yohrun and Oyaji continue on their way to Rubiedo to meet Yohruns mom. They can see the city lights in the distance when they're accosted by three bandits. The talkative bandits announce that if they can do in Yohrun, they get to accend to Yurugaha. Oyaji and Yohrun don't seem worried by this challenge, but as the fight starts, Goldo and Vilog fall from the sky right in the middle of the fight. Vilog greets Oyaji with a vulcan hand sign. Then Heiara drops in. She tells the bandits to get lost.

Goldo tries to call a timeout to establish that what everyone (Heiara, Goldo, Vilog, and the bandits) wants, is to caputure or kill Yohrun. When Vito decends in an antigrav pod to join the fray, Oyaji grabs Yohrun and jumps over the cliff. Shieda appears and saves the two by extending a force field around them just before they hit the ground. She then destroys Vitos pod, and the three of them escape to hide in a cave.


Oyaji--You seem to pop up every time we get into a jam.

Shieda-- ........

Oyaji--Are you following us around?

Shieda-- Its a coincidence.

Oyaji--Where are you from. Yanues? Yurugaha?

Shieda--If I were following you around, would that bother you?

Oyaji-- I know! You're in love with me! (Shieda makes a face).

Shieda is further agrivated when Oyaji tries to get Yohrun to stop mopeing about Erishisu. When Yohrun invites Shieda to accompany them to Rubiedo, she decides to take a walk.

Oyaji follows her out of the cave and encounters not Shieda but Goldo and Vilog. He lures them away by challenging them to a fight. Then Yohrun comes out and who does he find but Heiara! She offers to take him to Yurugaha, since if he is taken to Yanues, the power inside him will be misused as a terrible weapon. Yohrun rejects her, recalling that she's the one who killed his father. Heiara apologizes, stating that his death was an accident.

Yohrun can't control his anger and strikes Heiara with the kamigari power. She's takes severe damage and is carried away by Vito. Shieda catches Yohrun as he collapses.

Interspersed with these events on the surface, are scenes on Yurugaha, where Agumaika is reprimanded by the council of six for failing to eliminate the kamigari. He is not allowed to ask questions about why the data that Heiara had aquired was deleted.

  posted may 27, 2002