Episode 15: In the opening sequence, a cargo plane from Yanues has mechanical problems and crashes in a forest.

Nyako the cat girl arrives on foot in a highly industrialized city, accompianied by Goldo & Vilog. She asks them 9 times if they are in Rubiedo. The first 8 times the answer is yes, but of coarse they are in Chanaccare.

The city supervisor greets them, assuming Nyako is there for a surprise inspection, and apologizes for the condition of the city. It seems that the CPUchip for the pollution control system has failed, and metalic particles in the smoke are disableing electronic systems like gyro compasses and surface to air missile launchers. They walk to a workshop where Nyako recognizes Parera.

On Yanues, the central commitee is trying to help Konyako by doing her homework for her. A robot interupts them to announce the loss of the cargo plane. It also informs them that contact with Nyako has been interupted by the smoke from Chanaccare. The dispatch of a rescue party is discussed.

The cargo planes' two pilots stumble into Chanaccare and report the approximate location of the crash. The city supervisor worries that if the CPU chip isn't recovered from the crash site, the city is vulnerable to attack from Yanues. Goldo volunteers to pilot a mecha into the forrest to get the chip. Vilog refuses to go with him, and Goldo says thats just fine. Goldo then goes on to tell them about a date he had with a girl 3 years ago. There is some argument about the relevance of this story after which the two of them set off in their mechas.

Nyako asks the supervisor about a mass protest taking place outside. He minimizes the disturbance, telling her they're just unhappy about the factorys being closed because of the missing CPUchip. He also mentions a rumor about promotions up to Yanues being awarded to workers who produce good enough robots.

On Yanues, Konyako has a discussion with a classmate about being in charge of the city. She doesn't mind the work, but the working conditions are not to her liking. She's afraid that the city will eventualy degenerate into a state like that of Chanaccare. She would also like to recruit more people like Parera.

Parera takes matters into her own hands and flies out to retrieve the CPUchip herself. When she gives the chip to Nyako, the cat girl suggests that Pareras skills could be put to better use on Yanues. Parera refuses the invitation saying that Chanaccare suits her.

    posted Sept. 3, 2002